Our Mission Statement for Leicester

Targeted Learning

The EIP helps support the learning and development of under achieving groups within Leicester, helping to raise the standards and aspirations of our young people.

Supporting Schools

The EIP works with schools and teachers to both raise standards and support the fantastic work being done by our staff across the city.

Innovative Teaching

The EIP believes in supporting innovative¬†approaches to some of our biggest challenges, with past successes proving that a “can do” attitude thrives in Leicester.


In the News

Guidance Timeline for local-authority-maintained schools: mandatory Updated 20 January 2017 Spring Term 2017 UPDATED April 2017: gender pay differences All large employers (with 250 or more employees), including schools, will have to report on gender pay differences from April 2017. We will publish regulations and supporting guidance early in 2017 setting out what information employers

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